Why Phenix

#1 – Make more Money!

Our factory network of 150+ factories across Southeast Asia allows us to source a wide range of products directly from the factory and deliver direct to the customer. We eliminate the necessary costs associated with domestic suppliers warehousing and domestically decorating goods and pass the savings on to you. You sell it cheaper to your customer while still making more gross margin dollars.

 Other good reasons to choose Phenix Direct:

  • Trustworthy & Reliable – We win awards from our customers for helping them look good and make more money.
  • Professional & Transparent – this is not the Wizard of OZ – you can see behind the curtain with us.
  • Friendly – we like people.

Are you planning to grow your sales this year by pedaling harder or smarter? 

Turnkey Solutions. We’ve been distributors before and we understand your reputation and credibility are on the line. With years of experience in the supply chain industry, we help you manage your customer’s expectations and keep your word. We make the whole process easy as we take care of factory communications, payment, customs, and so much more. This allows you to focus on the customer while we focus on the product.

Creative and Customizable. Every brand is different, and their products should be too. Phenix Direct allows you to create custom promotional products, provides extensive branding opportunities, and lets creativity run its course. We branch outside of cookie-cutter products and designs, bringing vision to reality.

Constant Transparency. Communication and transparency are important to us. We consistently update you through the order cycle and manage all of the details. We even use an independent, third-party inspection agency to QC every order before it’s shipped. 

We value your success and want to be part of your growth!