What does Phenix Direct make?

We make nearly all of the same products you will find in ESP and SAGE and are offered by many domestic suppliers. Phenix Direct is different in that we don’t have our own product line, but rather specialize in making products that are specific to your customer's needs. With a plethora of manufacturing options, we will ensure that your product meets your specifications and is delivered on time. Keep in mind, we do not make apparel or patented/legally protected products. Our restrictions are few, and our options are many! See a few of the products we have made for customers just like you here.

Who is Phenix Direct?

Established in 2004, Phenix Direct is a direct importer of promotional products from Southeast Asia that assists distributors in landing and filling large-quantity orders. Though our headquarters reside in Atlanta, Georgia, we also have our own office located in Hong Kong. Our Hong Kong office consists of Phenix Direct employees who bridge language, time zone, and cultural barriers, allowing us to build personal relationships with factory owners so we can ensure project success and on-time delivery.

What Qualifies as a Direct Import Opportunity?

  • A project that is a $5,000+ Distributor cost opportunity (add your margin or sell price).
  • A project that has 60-90 days until product is required by the customer.
  • Most existing ASI products that you would like to pay less for.
  • Original (customer-designed) products or modified existing products.
  • Products that are outside the ASI/promotional product “norm” (commercial/retail items).

When Should I Look to Direct Import?

  • When you have a customer with a $7,500+ budget for an item.
  • Competitive/large opportunity bid situations.
  • When you need better product costs (we average 30%-60% cost savings over domestic prices).
  • Predictable annual client purchases.
  • Inventory or “company store” programs, and/or multiple logos across base products.

** Note- These are general rules of thumb, however, it never hurts to call and ask. Reach us any time at 770-755-5577.

What Next?

We would love the opportunity to discuss your options. For specific items that need quoting, email a picture of the item with a brief description of the item, material, and size desired. If you are looking for ideas to submit to new and/or existing clients, call us at 770-755-5577.