About Phenix Direct

Who Is Phenix Direct?

Phenix Direct imports promotional items directly from factories in southeast Asia. We are especially adept at assisting distributors in landing and filling large quantity orders.

Founded in 2003, Phenix is a group of former promotional product distributors. Our vision is to provide a more transparent and predictable importing experience for promotional product distributors. Today, that vision is a reality.

As a demand-centric importer, we do not push our own product lines. Instead we make what you need by matching the right factory to your desired product. With our extensive factory network throughout South East Asia, we can provide solutions when others can’t. From everyday items like coffee mugs, blankets, and bags to obscure pieces like poker chips in condom packages, we’ll help you get it done – on time and for a great price.

Where Is Phenix Direct?

We call Atlanta, GA, home, and we operate during normal US business hours — and beyond. We also have a fully-staffed office in Hong Kong to manage item sourcing and job monitoring. Our Hong Kong office is not a trading agent, which many importers use and have been known to side with the factory in disputes. Rather, our employees are there to only service Phenix Direct’s customer needs.

Why Phenix Direct?
  • We’ve worked as distributors and know the business well.
  • We understand that your reputation and credibility are on the line. We’ll help you manage customer expectations and keep your word.
  • We manage all logistics and customs concerns for you.
  • Our two offices – Atlanta and Hong Kong – bridge the cultural, language, and time differences so you don’t have to.
  • We emphasize transparent relationships with our customers. Not only will we manage all details, we will communicate openly and consistently with you throughout the order cycle.
  • We use an Independent Third-Party Inspection agency as a quality control measure for every order before shipping.
  • We don’t miss event dates.


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Contact us to find out more about our factory direct importing services – 770-755-5577